Spin Doctoring

So let’s look further into the lies on the Sonya McCaul case shall we?  Especially as Twitter has become a bit of a confusing place to move through – not that you should be getting facts from social media but the story has kept changing so many times it’s very difficult to start going through it.

First off, if you ever let your children leave the state with a caregiver and they refuse to return them, heads up, this is what according to the Hodgins and their supporters constitutes abandonment.  I just thought I would mention this as the case because that is where it starts.

If you have not read, the Hodgins have once more been denied the right to Terminate the parental rights of John McCaul and they are now seeking preadoptive placement and working on overturning Judge Jackson’s ruling to send the case to Nebraska where it belongs.

To be blunt they are pitting the ASFA against UCCJEA – which seems like a crazy choice to have to make, but frankly I don’t believe that the thought of the consequences of this have really occurred to them.

This whole beginning of the case is splitting an assorted and crazy amount of hairs.  The child was abandoned in Tennessee by her nanny.   The child was abandoned in Tennessee by her father.   Why didn’t her father come to get her if he was that concerned, etc…

John McCaul was threatened with arrest if he went to Tennessee.    There has yet to be a single denial of this threat among the supporters, but according to the Hodgins supporters he should have not followed police orders and come to get his daughter anyway.

This is a man who was familiar with how the law worked and had been out of trouble for a number of years at this point – he had no desire to get himself arrested again which would not have done Sonya any good whatsoever.   So he did what he had the right to do as the custodial parent.    He sent his mother and best friend to get his daughter.

Now let’s break this down.   If you follow police orders and send a representative to get your daughter in compliance with those orders and as is your right, DCS will be contacted so that your daughter cannot come home.

Let us start with Omaha World – the report that was the most unbiased.


So let’s review.   She was declared a ward of the state on October 5, 2005.    The Hodgins took over as faux kinship placement in April 3, 2006.

But let’s go back to what is said on Bring Sonya Home in the FAQ’s.

Coming to TN

Still keeping somewhat the same on the timeline.

Now Kim’s Letter to the Governor.
SonyaComing gov.  letter

Now, the child was not declared a ward of the state in August 2005 when Kim declared she was baby sitting Sonya.    In fact, she was still supposed to have been in the care of her nanny.   So unless there was a plan in place to keep Sonya there at that point, why would she be babysitting her then?

Now the letter from the professionals, also on the Bring Sonya Home Website:


So now instead of being foster parents since she was 21 months old, they claim since she was as year old.     And then they claim that the birth father was successful in overturning the adoption because of a sentence reduction.

Heads up, they filed for termination of parental rights before he was indicted on firearms charges and the reduction in sentence took place a FULL YEAR before they terminated John McCaul’s rights.  In addition, the original argument was that John McCaul had abandoned his daughter.    This is a word thrown around on social media among supporters while kidnapping is one commonly responded to with “Show me the charges.”

As per Court of Appeals, John McCaul did NOT abandon his daughter.

Now the restraining order filed in 2012.

ROtimeline1 ROTimeline2

First off, they claimed that Sonya had been living with them continuously since she was 13 months of age.   She was 21 months of age when she was placed with the Hodgins as a resource placement.      They also mention here that the reunification process was starting.    This is SIGNED by David Hodgins as a legal document.

Compare that to these statements on the Bring Sonya Home Website.


Which way is it?    They knew that the reunification process was beginning but yet this is the face they put out to the public.

Now let’s address contact for a moment.


— This is from the Bring Sonya Home Website


– From the Bring Sonya Home Facebook Page (note the location stamp – for those who still want to say that the Hodgins are not running the page)

THEN from Kim Hodgins’s OWN WORDS in her “Letter to the Governor”


Now this came out last week.

BSH10-12 Contact Question BSH10-12 contact

Everything is John McCaul’s fault.   Not the Hodgins’s – even though Kim herself admitted in the letter to the governor that the media attention is why DCS cut contact off.

Much like so much of the rumors of this case from the Hodgins’s camp, the stories keep changing and getting more and more tragic for the foster parents – so why should we believe them?   How long was Sonya in their care?   Was she in their care in August and Joy Gunn was lying or was she where she was supposed to be this whole time?

This case is every parent’s worst nightmare, going around UCCJEA would mean that an abusive parent can leave the jurisdiction with the child and keep them.   Consider that for a moment.

Part 2 of SpinDoctoring will be Supporter Spin, which is in actuality a very entertaining prospect.


An Open Letter to Focus On the Family and iCareAboutOrphans Regarding Orphan Care

I write this with a heavy heart after doing a lot of research.

I have always used Focus on the Family as a resource for so many things and had share articles with many of the Christian community at large.

But while doing research into the ethical adoption movement, I have realized that you like many others, are falling desperately short.    Like many Christians, you are talking a terrific game about caring for orphans, but when looking into the speakers you have brought to speak for you, I was stunned and horrified.

The name that horrified me was Johnston Moore, of the group “Home Forever” which has become quite the name in orphan care with their push for adoptive parents for foster children.    On the surface this sounds like an amazing scriptural idea, until you start doing research into what measures he wants to implement.

Moore is one of a group of outspoken critics against the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA).   This is an act that many in the adoption reform movement would like to see extended to all children.   The family placement preferences in the end are better for children who are not forced to loose their identities and culture.    In addition, in a private adoption case, both father and mother signing off in front of a judge with full knowledge of what they are doing is in the end, the best way of securing permanency for the children without the long court battles and disruption in the lives of children.

Instead of pushing to make sure that family is involved, Moore has involved himself in FOUR  ICWA cases wanting to deny children permanency with their natural families.   In the case of Veronica Brown (Capobianco), he ignored the numerous ethics violations that were at the start of this case and even the dishonesty of the adoptive parents and biological mother in favor of using this case to overturn ICWA.   A majority of the misinformation that was sent out about this case was through a public relations firm headed by Jessica Munday.     I only bring this up because instead of distancing himself from the case when the lies came out into the open, he decided instead to found an organization with Jessica Munday and Lisa Morris (who runs the Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare, a group considered by many natives to be a racist hate group, indeed, a group with its own ethical questions to answer) called the Coalition for the Protection of Indian Children and Families.    In short, this group has thankfully done nothing since the Veronica case except to renew its nonprofit status, but there he stands with two people with questionable ethics.

In the same case, he celebrated the removal of a child who had been with her family for TWO YEARS and had no memory of the adoptive family.    For all his calling for permanency and Christian orphan care, he helped fight to take a native child from her CHRISTIAN parents and send her to an atheist family.   He had also gone on the Dr. Phil show with them to  commiserate and to speak out on the evils of ICWA.   Now, I am not saying the law is perfect, but I DO believe that many of the standards are common sense and ethics.

Three other young girls have been featured on the Home Forever Facebook page, Dee, Elle and a young Choctaw child.    Dee was sent to live with her aunt and her biological brother.   Elle was sent to live with her aunt and uncle and the young Choctaw child should have been sent from California to Utah to live with HER father’s family.   All three of these children were foster care cases, with an entirely different set of case law than the Veronica case would be, and in most of their states they would be placed with the family regardless of ICWA, at least in theory (and specifically in Elle’s case that was going to happen) but yet Moore has only focused on the ICWA, as if because of native status their families were not a good idea to take care of them.    In fact, the young Choctaw child had not even been with the foster family for a year when the foster family requested de facto parent status as a way to get around reunification with her family.

With this, I come to a white child that has been prominently featured on Moore’s site, in fact, prominently featured in the national news, Sonya McCaul.

If you do not know the story, I will give it to you in a nutshell.   Sonya was removed under questionable circumstances from her father as a toddler – her baby sitter took her to Tennessee and refused to return her.   From there, instead of being sent back to Nebraska, she was sent into foster care with Kim and David Hodgins who tried five times to circumvent the law and adopt her.   They succeeded once but the adoption was overturned less than a year later because it was ruled that her father’s parental rights could not be terminated.  (The father had been put in jail, but the grandmother was about to get placement when they filed for the first time to terminate her father’s parental rights)    The father’s life had long been straightened out, his stint in prison was due to being literally in a vehicle with the wrong person who didn’t secure their gun properly.

Instead of waiting for the courts to do their thing, they tried to create an orphan in need of adoption by going around the Tennessee court system.    They even put up a restraining order AGAINST DCS when they were going to remove Sonya because they weren’t cooperating with the reunification process.   The courts had enough of this in January and just abruptly removed her which was when Moore got involved, calling out that HER rights had been violated, but instead of putting the blame where it belonged (the court documents have come out more and more supporting this) on the foster parents, he put it on Sonya’s family, the one that had been fighting for her since day one.     He has been silent on this of recent times, but nothing going back and saying that he was wrong and that this case wasn’t what it seemed from the start.

Every case on his Facebook site, these foster parents are fighting biological families for their CHILDREN.    He does not share successful reunion stories, only successful adoptions.   One such case was “Little Johnny” who was returned to HIS great grandparents.    Instead of encouraging the family to work with “Johnny’s” family to get to know his God given family, he encouraged prayer that the child was to stay.   In short, the only permanency that Johnston Moore believes in is the permanency of an adoptive family.   A biological family is nothing more than an obstacle for him.

Sometimes foster care is a necessity, sometimes it is a short term necessity, sometimes it does sadly, have to involve terminating parental rights and other times an adoption.   Adoption however is NOT the long term answer to a short term problem.   In fact, fighting the reunification process opens children up to more instability as they are fought over between their families and legal strangers.   Adoption is also not the first answer to jump to when things are wrong, adoption involves a loss for the child and termination of parental rights is a serious step that needs to be approached with extreme caution.   Followed by that, a child’s fit relatives should have the ability to care for a child from their own families, thus keeping a child’s God given identity intact.

Does God make mistakes?  I know your answer is NO.   Undoubtedly it is no.  But the attitude of Moore and many like him that seem to push creating orphans for the sake of caring for them because God ordained it, to me, screams of men knowing better than God does as to what family a child belongs.   God places children in families for a reason.    As Christians we need to support family preservation wherever it is possible and then care for the children when families are unable or unwilling to care for them

As Christians we should NOT be supporting dishonesty to steal children.  We should not support those that are thwarting the law and we should not be using those who outspokenly support both to push a cause we support.

Because of the use of Johnston Moore as an ongoing spokesperson for the orphan care movement that is solidly pushed, I no longer feel like Focus on the Family is supporting the values of honesty and integrity that they are purported to support.  I urge you to look into his support of unethical adoptions and to join many of us in a push for greater ethics in adoptions.   That is true orphan care.

One Year Closer…..

Adoptive Couple Vs Baby Girl

The problem with adoptive parents is that they don’t ‘get’ the problem. I went into this journey having no experience in adoption with no adopted family members and having no thoughts of adopting. I was ‘adoption stupid’ so to speak. And in such a short amount of time, I’ve learned so much. Then again, I was open to where it would take me. I didn’t walk into this with any expectations as many on one side of the table or the other often do. Most walk into adoption as either the ‘giver’ or the ‘wanter’ and bring their expectations and experiences with them. I, having none and no wish list or expectations from it, was open to go where ever that path took me. In that way, I believe I’ve seen so much honesty from the whole experience, more even than those who are part of an adoption in some ways.

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Why Veronica Brown Will Not Be Swept Under the Rug

It has been almost a year since Veronica Brown (now Veronica Capobianco) was forcibly removed from her father and her stepmother on Cherokee land.

Tulsa World posted a small picture of a smiling beautiful four year old in a pink shirt, a child happy at her fourth birthday party, taken less than two weeks before her world was shattered.

Her world was shattered not because her family was neglecting her.   They didn’t remove her because her family was abusing her, but they removed her because a family “wanted her more.”   In fact, they even went so far as to claim that Dusten would change her mind and not want her again, and that was why they had to remove her from her family.

As far as I’m concerned ICWA should not have even had to be a factor in this case, but due to what I consider unconstitutional laws in South Carolina, it was the only way that Dusten had a chance to keep his daughter.    A mother can manipulate the system in South Carolina and it is a perfectly acceptable way to bypass the father’s rights.

And what of Matthew and Melanie Capobianco?   Pulling a child away from her biological parents with no real need to do so proved only that they are unfit parents.   Add on the dual transition plan – http://adoptivecouplevsbabygirl.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/give-us-our-prize-and-our-money-too/ – linked up here and their goals seemed more on winning than about what was in their child’s best interest.

Now, they want privacy, they demand that everyone leave them alone, but I don’t see how this is possible – because Matthew and Melanie Capobianco are now the poster parents for unethical adoption.   According to the courts what they did was legal, though that being said, there are some extreme doubts on this point, but ethical?      Attempting to adopt a child without notifying the father?   When the mother said that the father was Cherokee, but information came back to the contrary why did they not press this?    Why didn’t they make sure that what they were doing was ethical?

And why didn’t they just step back and say, “No, we’re leaving this child with her father” when Veronica clearly didn’t remember them?   Or were they so sure that they were the only ones that cared for her and therefore had drunk the CAICW kool-aid that a native family was incapable of caring for their children.   Indeed, they have proven themselves unfit to take care of ANY multiracial child by spending so much time publicly saying that any part of her heritage wasn’t enough to matter.

There indeed is one of the ultimate ironies in this case, the CAICW, the aforementioned “Christian” Alliance for Indian Child Welfare, pulling a child from her Christian family to be raised by a childless ATHEIST couple.   An ATHEIST COUPLE.    How you want to live your life is your own business but the implication here is that an atheist white family is going to be more suitable than a native family.    Combine this with the recent discussion on the CAICW’s website and you’re getting a recipe for finding out that Lisa Morris’s actions speak much louder than she perhaps intended.

CAICWNatives1 CAICWNatives2

By the way Lisa Morris, yes you can speak for YOUR family but you don’t speak for native everywhere.   And you don’t speak for the multiracial children like many are.   They want to stay connected to their families too.   Contrary to what Jessica Munday and her ilk say, they ARE a racist organization.    And they don’t speak for multiracial children, they don’t speak for natives and they DEFINITELY do not speak for Christians.

(And as a side note, I WILL explain later about why she is wrong about ICWA and will include documentation that does not include tribal government conspiracy theory)

So why won’t any of us let the Veronica case go?

Because of these fathers, proving that this fight has to continue until these men get their children back.

Rob Manzanares – https://www.facebook.com/helpRobManzanares

Trent Reicks – https://www.facebook.com/bringtrentsbabygirlhome – his case is in desperate need of funds right now – http://www.gofundme.com/ec5lc8 is the link to his gofundme site – he’s fighting the county district attorney to get his daughter back.

Anthony Lingle – https://www.facebook.com/BringHaileyHome – this man got the adoption overturned as a thwarted father, now has to share custody with a failed adoptive parent.

Brandon Owen, a soldier – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Standing-Our-Ground-for-Olivia-Rose-Owen/

And there are so many more.

What happened to Dusten Brown did not just affect him, it affected every father that is fighting to get their children back from an illegal or unethical adoption.

And because of the awareness this case brought, the following positive outcomes have occurred.

1.  Desirai Simmons is back with her father and grandmother.

2.   A team working with John McCaul, Sonya’s father, was able to more quickly combat the PR team that worked on Veronica’s case.    The wheels of justice move slowly but they will turn.
3.   Elle, a young foster child in Washington was able to very quickly be pulled away from the limelight.   This is a victory for her privacy.

We won’t let up about Veronica until the wrongs have been righted and she knows that ALL of her story is online to see.

A Child Truly In Need


This is a case where a child is truly in need of a new family.   In China, children that are different are ostracized and she is not going to function well in institutional care.

This is an adoption that is ethical and above board.     I hope that some of my readers can support this cause.

Full Faith and Credit

So on Friday, Judge Jackson finally did what should have been done nine years ago.

Jurisdiction of the Sonya McCaul case is NOW in Nebraska.   Under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (or UCCJEA) the case has now moved to where it should have been all along.   John McCaul had full custody of his daughter when she was taken across state lines by her babysitter, Jennifer Gunn – armed with that custody order, Sonya has now gotten away from Tennessee.   Now the Hodgins will once more have to be given standing in this case, which as much as I can tell is not likely to happen.

Judge Jackson also managed to call the Hodgins out on all of their lies on this case.   That they knew that Sonya was not an adoptable child and that reunification had ALWAYS been the goal.

Meanwhile, let’s add to a list that is growing.

According to the Hodgins the following people are lying:
1.  Judge Jackson
2. John McCaul
3.  Phyllis McCaul
4.  DCS
5.  Anyone from Sonya is Home

Who is not lying?   The Hodgins.

The chances of that are so minimal in probability that it’s not worth mentioning.

Why wasn’t UCCJEA enforced in the first place?   That is the question.   According to the UCCJEA wikipedia page – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uniform_Child_Custody_Jurisdiction_And_Enforcement_Act (I know Wikipedia is not necessarily a valid source but used as a starting point it does work very very well) from what i can interpret the case should’ve been bounced back to Nebraska in the first place as it was where BOTH of Sonya’s parents resided.    

Those from the Hodgins camp will probably point to the Emergency Orders statute.

UCCJEA Emergency ]

So yes, Tennessee could have put in a TEMPORARY emergency order.    Only to last until they found out that there was a valid custody order in Nebraska.   The rumors abound that CPS actually DID know about the valid custody order in Nebraska – so why weren’t the courts informed?   Why wasn’t UCCJEA enforced in the first place.     Judge Jackson finally admitted he had no standing in this case and sent it back to Nebraska on his last day on the bench.

There was of course a predictable response.


(Incidentally bragging that you got a judge thrown off the bench?   Before the ruling?  NOT terribly smart, but in this case, Jackson ruled against the law.   Making these people angry was a great side benefit I’m sure)

Constitutionally, this was the only ruling possible as there had been a custody order awarding Sonya to John when she was a toddler.      The Full Faith and credit clause of the constitution clearly states that all states must respect and follow the “public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state.”  This is not a hard concept to follow except as is evident for the Tennessee State Court system.    DCS has admitted that they knew there was a custody order but they never looked into it.

So this mess starts with Tennessee DCS and ends with the Hodgins.    Both are at fault for the upheaval of this child’s life.   But only the Hodgins are at fault for the multiple violations of her privacy which have not been addressed by Tennessee other than a gentle reminder from their Facebook site.

 Full faith and credit is NOT a technicality.   Neither is due process.  But both will be regarded as technicalities by the crowd from Bring Sonya Home.

Ironic?   A year ago, they were all about full faith and credit.    They said that a four year old child should be returned to the adoptive parents that she didn’t remember because, oh yeah, South Carolina said that an adoption should be finalized.   Without a best interest hearing, because according to an attorney, if the child was removed illegally best interest did not apply.  

Here again, a child has been removed illegally, a best interest hearing does not apply?

“But what are they so afraid of?”

Nothing, but in a dependency case they discuss her best interest at every hearing.    Her GAL and attorney both speak for SONYA and are allowed time alone to speak with her.    They say that she is doing well, in fact, she has even gotten straight A’s in school since moving back to Nebraska!    She wants to stay with her FATHER and her grandmother, so why does anyone want to take that away?

Hopefully a gag can be put on the former foster parents very soon.   Hopefully also the nation has learned and manage to gag Jessica Munday and Trio this time.     Though why Trio has gotten involved in this case is still a mystery.


Hypocrisy as Tall as the Sky

Or subtitled the woman who wants to make her image from diagnosing children that she has never met.

Enter Dr. Bonnie Cleaveland, BS in Psychology and PHd not in Psychology but in Philosophy.   Even scarier?   She’s a “specialist” in anxiety disorders.    This according to her linked in page – https://www.linkedin.com/pub/bonnie-cleaveland/a/520/b14

So how does a Charleston, SC become an advocate for children?   She produces a blog called “Tall as The Sky” dedicated only to dissing both the Veronica case and the Sonya case for their handling of transitions.   In both cases, she ignores the fact that the so called adoptive parents did not follow a plan.

Let’s start by this – the Sonya case.  

The transition plan by DCS has already been WELL ESTABLISHED, the only people who frankly deny that there was a transition are the Hodgins – every other person in this case from DCS to Judge Jackson to the McCauls have agreed that there was a plan for Sonya’s gradual reunification with her family – in fact Judge Jackson reminded them in open court this week that there she was NEVER AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.   In fact, the restraining order is dated August 31, 2012, the one where the Hodgins restrained DCS from removing Sonya because they were NOT FOLLOWING the transition plan.    

So what is the judge supposed to do when this is occurring?   Just let them keep flaunting the law and then claim “but we’re the only family she knows” or just have to make the difficult and traumatic decision to say that enough is ENOUGH. 

Yes, obviously transition is best but if one set of parents are not cooperating with it, then what is supposed to happen?    

On Veronica – 

There was REALLY no excuse for this transition on the part of the Capobiancos – they knew that this was coming, they had known of the possibility for quite a bit of time that Veronica was to go to her father.

So the question is what did they do about it?   IF they truly cared about the child, even if they thought they would keep her, they were claiming an “open adoption” so why didn’t they invite Dusten Brown to visit his daughter and to get to know her?   No, there was no court order, but as a so called Developmental Specialist she SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER.

Why is there no blame on these so called adoptive parents?   And why is there never considered trauma for removing a child from her biological family?

So here’s a rundown on child trauma according to Bonnie Cleaveland as proven by her insertion into two cases and her letters for both Sonya and Veronica.

At birth it is not too traumatic to remove a child from her family (Veronica removed from her mother)

However at four months it is (Veronica removed from Capobiancos)

It does seem that one year old is the sweet spot where you can remove a child from a family without trauma (Sonya’s removal from HER father)

And at two years old it is (Veronica removed from Capobiancos) – and her picture should be spread all over the media to prove it.

Meanwhile at four years old removing a child from the only family she remembers is not traumatic at all, in fact it is encouraged and to be celebrated (Veronica from her father Dusten Brown)

At nine and a half, it is so traumatic that it is like a death in the family, it should be publicized, her picture should be put everywhere and her private foster care records should be placed on TV.   OH and NATIONAL fundraisers with her picture all over them are fine and to be supported.   Meanwhile a small local fundraiser to help a ten year old’s father pay for legal fees is met with this comment.   

(All of this of course is without meeting the child at all)


This does of course show what she doesn’t know.    Attorneys are EXPENSIVE – if this had just been a normal dependency case then it wouldn’t be an issue as DCS is cooperative to reunification.    This is NOT a normal dependency case however, this is a case where legal strangers are fighting a fit father for his child for no reason other than they think that they will be better parents.   

Other differences, no celebrities, no pictures of his daughter posted, just a small local pancake breakfast to help with the legal fees to keep his daughter where she belongs.

And no national publicity either – unlike the GoFundMe produced by the Hodgins or the fundraiser with the cast of Nashville and the Silent Auction.

It reminds me of a nasty facebook site entitled “KeepVeronicaHome” which is set up for keeping Veronica with the Capobiancos – and their yelling about ONE FUNDRAISER- as opposed to the DOZENS set up by the Capobiancos.   One fundraiser set up by a friend of Dusten Brown’s.

Does anyone see a pattern yet?   

These people sicken me.    So many that are supporting making children orphans in the name of Christ.   

So advocating for children or Hypocrisy as Tall as the Sky?

Child Exploitation, Fundraising, Nashville, Change of Venue and Hypocrisy

Tennessee Resource Parents Oath to Abide

Let’s start with this.    And the concept that for all the hullaballoo that John McCaul is a “convicted felon” – in order to “Bring Sonya Home” they themselves ARE committing a Class E felony.  

“Unauthorized disclosure of any records, studies or information protected as confidential is a Class A misdemeanor. Unauthorized disclosure of such records for personal gain or for a malicious purpose is a Class E felony.”

Personal gain:  The Bring Sonya Home fundraising.
Malicious Purposes:  To slander her biological father’s name throughout the media.

I am wondering why Tennessee DCS hasn’t charged David and Kim Hodgins with this crime.    The View, The Today Show, dragging in Troy Dunn into this – all of it is disclosing the records of a FOSTER CHILD who THEY promised they would protect!

Some “Nashville” Stars to Hold Benefit in Sonya Case

So let’s go from there to THIS…    David Hodgin works on the set of the TV show “Nashville” not one that I have ever watched – but some of the stars have decided to hold a benefit for the “David Hodgins Jr Legal Fund.”  

Note this is not a “Bring Sonya Home” legal fund but it is widely assumed that is what it is for.   We are going back to the original statement that the Hodgins are disclosing records for profit, thereby participating in child exploitation – or the use and utilization of her name and picture for profit.   Bring this up on the various pages however, and they will claim they are just “Telling her story”


So what picture got released?   What horrible thing got done?

What they are referring to is a meme posted by the facebook site, Bring Sonya Home Deleted Posts where a picture shows the hands of someone, perhaps a child, perhaps a small adult, holding up a sign that says “Sonya is Home Where She is Cherished and Thriving”.    There is no way to identify the person in the picture and no way to tell where it was taken.

In the meantime they are crying “Exploitation” not because there is a profit being made off of an image that may or may not be Sonya’s (definition of Exploitation as seen above) but because they are trying to find every possible way to get around what they are doing.

Matthew 7: 3-5 (NKJV)

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, ‘Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye,’ and behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

And then on a like related note this also came up yesterday:


So what was going on?    John McCaul has petitioned the state of Nebraska to take over the case, which is more than reasonable.  

Let’s get this straight – this case was supposed to be OVER by now – the only reason that it is not over is that the Hodgins are keeping it open with their media and their new attorney.    John McCaul is Sonya’s FATHER.   He has every right to ask that this case be heard in Nebraska where he and Sonya are residents.    The only residents of Tennessee are the Hodgins who literally are legal residents and should have no say in anything that is going on with this case.

In addition, given that the Tennessee DCS track record of protecting Sonya’s privacy is less than stellar at this point, I can only hope and pray that Nebraska can put an end to this insanity.   Sonya’s best interests are heard every hearing where HER attorney and HER GAL speak for her.   They say she is doing well and there is no reason at this point to disbelieve them.   They haven’t given a proven track record of lying on a regular basis.

So a few questions to just send out for today:

1.  WHERE is all this fundraising money going?   
2.  When is Tennessee DCS going to step up and quiet these people?

In addition the ABC Show Nashville has a Facebook site here, please feel free to discuss what you think of child exploitation with them.


Tennessee DCS and Privacy Part 2

Tennessee DCS Client Rights Publication contains this nice gem which is going to start my rant for the day.

Confidentiality TN DCS

Also from the National Association of Social Workers comes this.


So why is this important?

Because once again, there is a massive breach with a foster child brewing in Tennessee.

Not heeding the last message from Tennessee DCS, the Hodgins have once again, pulled an unwilling ten year old child and her family into the spotlight.

But this time?   Let’s double the issues!

One of Sonya’s First Caseworkers Speaks Out

First off, the Hodgins come out looking like a rose with her commentary but the McCaul’s don’t come out looking badly really.   She speaks of the “instant” bond with Sonya and the Hodgins but doesn’t say whether or not John McCaul is a fit parent.   She mentioned that some of the biological family seemed “detached” and “no presents”.

So now in order to be a perfect parent/grandparent presents have to be involved?   

She does ask the question I’m still waiting for the answer for though, “How did she end up in Tennessee in the first place?”

Yes, we know she was taken and not returned by her babysitter, and even the news outlets are now saying it.

But why did she stay there?   WHY were the Hodgins given kinship when there is obviously none?

But let’s go into the more important stuff.

1.   WHY is a social worker breaching confidentiality like that?   Why does she think that it’s a proper thing to discuss an ongoing case with the media in DIRECT contradiction to National Association of Social Workers Ethics codes?

2. Why isn’t Tennessee DCS doing a darn thing about it?   Why haven’t they shut down this very obvious violation of privacy?

Lori Alvino McGill – A “Rising Star” Falling Rapidly

Standing Our Ground for Children posted a story yesterday – Another Foster Care Case where the foster family is claiming that they have more rights than a child’s natural family.

This case also involves ICWA, the Indian Child Welfare Act, a law designed to protect native families from illegal adoptions and from being ripped away from their homes and cultures.      Under ICWA, a child deemed an “Indian Child”, namely “any unmarried person who is under age eighteen and is either (a) a member of an Indian tribe or (b) is eligible for membership in an Indian tribe and is the biological child of a member of an Indian tribe” (25 U.S.C. § 1903) is required to have relative placement status automatically and should be placed with native foster parents if that is unavailable.   Only after these things are ruled out should they be left with a white family.

National Indian Child Welfare Association’s FAQ – is here for more information.

Similar to Sonya’s case, these parents are trying to adopt without DCS consent.    The father has been trying to get his child back even after a stint in jail.   Also similar to Sonya’s case there has never been an issue with the father.    In fact, people leave him glowing reviews about his parenting skills.

But due to the fact that he had no family in the area, California did not follow the preferred placement portion of ICWA.       Social Services kept adding more and more requirements until he had enough and requested that his child be sent to Utah under ICWA’s preferred placement.

Done and DONE.   Or it should’ve been.    The child should be raised in his/her own culture with his/her relatives.

And now we bring in another name familiar to another unethical adoption case, Lori Alvino McGill.   The attorney appointed for Christina Maldonado.    She is considered a “shining star” among DC Attorneys and frankly is the most unprofessional of “shining stars” that I think I’ve seen on social media in a long time.

Among other things one night, she spent a lot of time on the Standing Our Ground site telling all of the supporters of Dusten Brown about what horrible scum they were supporting.

In addition, she called Veronica and her sister illegitimate spawn on these late night possibly drunken postings.


Lifting the Veil Blogpost – has another gem of a quote in here, showing what interest McGill acts in, “ICWA tells a single unmarried woman who wishes to choose adoptive parents for her unborn child—a choice that would be respected under her State’s laws—that she must either terminate her pregnancy, raise the child herself, or surrender her child to a Tribe that is a total stranger to her and to the unborn child.”  (this incidentally is debunked, read the article, it’s very informative about ICWA and Indian heritage.)

Also from the Baby Veronica era, McGill decided that she was going to contact bloggers in a very unprofessional manner to get them to change their mind.

Incidentally, this is because more and more people were standing against the Capobianco’s and Christina Maldonado.   In fact, the last story from The Today Show where the Capobianco family was crying for the cameras, the majority of the comments were AGAINST rather than for the Capobiancos, proving that this was not just about ICWA but about father’s rights as well.



Keep in mind, she claimed to speak for Christina Maldonado AND for Veronica’s best interest.   And she spends her late night time slamming Dusten on Facebook and spreading more lies.   (Back to Brad Caricofe on that one)

Two of those screenshots are posted here.


The current rumor is that she was totally drunk while doing it.

The foster parents in this Choctaw case?

They are Christian, or at least they claim to be – they go to http://www.gracechurch.org/ with an active adoption focus.
So why are they deliberately working to make a child fatherless in the name of caring for the fatherless?   Why are they actively working on keeping this child from his or her family?

And why are they pairing with an attorney with a history of lying and unprofessional behavior to get what she wants?

More questions that I will hopefully push more later.

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