Spin it Again Part 2

So in the days since the final order was signed, relieving John and Sonya of DCS control, there was a freedom to release certain documents.

The first set of documents were these:

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These debunked the whole theory that Sonya’s grandmother was unapproved to take her and that DCS had any plans to allow her to be adopted.

So reunification was the goal.   In fact, although in the letter for Sonya, it was said.


The DCS paperwork has a totally different story.   Namely that they were not even aware that the Hodgins had filed to adopt Sonya until several months later.


In fact, a May 2014 post on Bring Sonya Home claims this:


Provide permanency or deny it?   Restraining orders, backdoor filings against DCS, wanting to force her back into foster care.   How is this providing her permanency?   Meanwhile although all of this evidence is speaking for itself as to who was holding up permanency for this child, so many still will not believe this.   They claim that documents are being “Cherry picked” with no actual documents to back this up.

One of these posted only yesterday on Bring Sonya Home.


Ignoring the documents that perfectly explained WHY this had occurred, in fact explaining why ASFA doesn’t apply to this case.

More supporter commentary – in fact, it’s very much a push on the subject of justification of wrongdoing by the nanny as opposed to condemning her actions.

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Brenda Harms in particular will have her own series devoted to her soon.   She puts out blatant lies and posts the absolutely nastiest stuff on twitter.  All while she is SUPPOSED to be looking after children at a daycare in Iowa.

And yesterday came the notice that appeal has been filed.

What is there to appeal?

Multiple courts have ruled that John McCaul did NOT abandon Sonya.
Multiple courts have ruled (as late as last year) that the Hodgins do not have standing to terminate John’s rights or adopt Sonya.
DCS is officially off the case so John has control now.

John should not have to fight these people for his daughter.   Sonya should not have to worry about leaving her family because these people don’t want to respect her wishes.

That is the bottom line.