A Holiday Wish

Imagine if you will, being a child with a seemingly normal childhood in a small town.   You are homeschooled, you live at home, have a generally carefree life.

Then at the age of 9, you find out that you are adopted.   That after all this time of your parents telling you that you were born to them, you were adopted.    Then you go to school, sometime after your world is turned upside down, but they assure you that they are your family, despite being adopted.

Then sometime later you find out that you weren’t adopted at all, in fact, the adoption was overturned before your parents told you that you were adopted.   You find out that in fact you had a birth family that was fighting to get you back and had been fighting to get you back for most of your life.     You are returned to them and slowly find out more about your past, that your grandmothers wanted you, that you had cousins, brothers, sisters, a mother and a father, all of whom wanted you.   That you were and are loved beyond measure.

You find that you missed knowing one grandmother during this time, she had passed on from cancer.   You had missed knowing and learning from her because someone had been fighting your family in order to keep you.

Your “other parents” in the other state?  You missed them but you loved the new life with people who were just like you.   But they had told you what to say when you called them the night after you went to live with your father.   What you didn’t know is that they recorded what you said.   They also kept all of your belongings in the house in another state.

Five months later, as you are in counseling as you are adjusting well, you find out from a teacher that they played this phone call on national television.   Your voice is all over CNN, then the Today Show, then The View.  Your teacher asked about it and your friends overheard.    You were embarrassed horribly by what was said and what was done, so you inform your lawyer that you didn’t want to see them again, ever.    You told her you wanted this to stop and you wanted your things.

Still, they didn’t listen to you.   Your “other parents” by this point felt that they were going to “save you” putting up a national campaign, using a PR firm to say horrible things about your parents, calling on stars and going on national television again.

Every holiday has been marred by some sort of media from your so called “other parents” and now you don’t want to see them again and while you are embracing your family and love each and every one of them, they continue to fight your father, continue to put your pictures on the paper and try to put you on television once more.

What would you do?   Would you still want to see the “other parents?”   I ask you this, I want you to see it from that perspective.

Because this is a real scenario.   This is a real child.   Her name is Sonya and my wish is that she can have a Christmas with her God given family that is normal without a media story coming out on Christmas eve or Christmas Day.   I wish that maybe she can live a normal life without media interference.

Don’t say she’s brainwashed.  Please try to see her perspective.


JM & The Coalition for the Protection of Indian Children & Families


Johnston “John” Moore has been making the rounds on some adoptee / pro-ethical adoption blogs to try and clear up his name and image, which were likely heavily tarnished after his appearance on Dr. Phil’s Oct 18, 2012 episode about the “Baby Veronica” case.

In case anyone missed it, here is the episode. John first appears at around the 18:30 mark and it snowballs from there.

On October 13th he made these comments on Ethical Christian Adoption’s blog post An Open Letter to Focus On the Family and iCareAboutOrphans Regarding Orphan Care here


His second post is particularly disingenuous.

Really one need only watch his Dr Phil appearance to see what a raging bigot he is. At one point he holds up a picture of one of his adopted sons and angrily exclaims over how inappropriate it is that a child like that is being protected by the…

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