Why Veronica Brown Will Not Be Swept Under the Rug

It has been almost a year since Veronica Brown (now Veronica Capobianco) was forcibly removed from her father and her stepmother on Cherokee land.

Tulsa World posted a small picture of a smiling beautiful four year old in a pink shirt, a child happy at her fourth birthday party, taken less than two weeks before her world was shattered.

Her world was shattered not because her family was neglecting her.   They didn’t remove her because her family was abusing her, but they removed her because a family “wanted her more.”   In fact, they even went so far as to claim that Dusten would change her mind and not want her again, and that was why they had to remove her from her family.

As far as I’m concerned ICWA should not have even had to be a factor in this case, but due to what I consider unconstitutional laws in South Carolina, it was the only way that Dusten had a chance to keep his daughter.    A mother can manipulate the system in South Carolina and it is a perfectly acceptable way to bypass the father’s rights.

And what of Matthew and Melanie Capobianco?   Pulling a child away from her biological parents with no real need to do so proved only that they are unfit parents.   Add on the dual transition plan – http://adoptivecouplevsbabygirl.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/give-us-our-prize-and-our-money-too/ – linked up here and their goals seemed more on winning than about what was in their child’s best interest.

Now, they want privacy, they demand that everyone leave them alone, but I don’t see how this is possible – because Matthew and Melanie Capobianco are now the poster parents for unethical adoption.   According to the courts what they did was legal, though that being said, there are some extreme doubts on this point, but ethical?      Attempting to adopt a child without notifying the father?   When the mother said that the father was Cherokee, but information came back to the contrary why did they not press this?    Why didn’t they make sure that what they were doing was ethical?

And why didn’t they just step back and say, “No, we’re leaving this child with her father” when Veronica clearly didn’t remember them?   Or were they so sure that they were the only ones that cared for her and therefore had drunk the CAICW kool-aid that a native family was incapable of caring for their children.   Indeed, they have proven themselves unfit to take care of ANY multiracial child by spending so much time publicly saying that any part of her heritage wasn’t enough to matter.

There indeed is one of the ultimate ironies in this case, the CAICW, the aforementioned “Christian” Alliance for Indian Child Welfare, pulling a child from her Christian family to be raised by a childless ATHEIST couple.   An ATHEIST COUPLE.    How you want to live your life is your own business but the implication here is that an atheist white family is going to be more suitable than a native family.    Combine this with the recent discussion on the CAICW’s website and you’re getting a recipe for finding out that Lisa Morris’s actions speak much louder than she perhaps intended.

CAICWNatives1 CAICWNatives2

By the way Lisa Morris, yes you can speak for YOUR family but you don’t speak for native everywhere.   And you don’t speak for the multiracial children like many are.   They want to stay connected to their families too.   Contrary to what Jessica Munday and her ilk say, they ARE a racist organization.    And they don’t speak for multiracial children, they don’t speak for natives and they DEFINITELY do not speak for Christians.

(And as a side note, I WILL explain later about why she is wrong about ICWA and will include documentation that does not include tribal government conspiracy theory)

So why won’t any of us let the Veronica case go?

Because of these fathers, proving that this fight has to continue until these men get their children back.

Rob Manzanares – https://www.facebook.com/helpRobManzanares

Trent Reicks – https://www.facebook.com/bringtrentsbabygirlhome – his case is in desperate need of funds right now – http://www.gofundme.com/ec5lc8 is the link to his gofundme site – he’s fighting the county district attorney to get his daughter back.

Anthony Lingle – https://www.facebook.com/BringHaileyHome – this man got the adoption overturned as a thwarted father, now has to share custody with a failed adoptive parent.

Brandon Owen, a soldier – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Standing-Our-Ground-for-Olivia-Rose-Owen/

And there are so many more.

What happened to Dusten Brown did not just affect him, it affected every father that is fighting to get their children back from an illegal or unethical adoption.

And because of the awareness this case brought, the following positive outcomes have occurred.

1.  Desirai Simmons is back with her father and grandmother.

2.   A team working with John McCaul, Sonya’s father, was able to more quickly combat the PR team that worked on Veronica’s case.    The wheels of justice move slowly but they will turn.
3.   Elle, a young foster child in Washington was able to very quickly be pulled away from the limelight.   This is a victory for her privacy.

We won’t let up about Veronica until the wrongs have been righted and she knows that ALL of her story is online to see.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vanessa Torluemke
    Sep 21, 2014 @ 23:08:58

    Baby brokers run amouk. Thank you for article on Veronica and others like hers. Wake up call to action to stop the insanity.


  2. Maryreuntied
    Sep 21, 2014 @ 23:26:52

    Thank you so much for saying this.


  3. canne
    Sep 22, 2014 @ 00:15:58

    It is never ok to build a faux family by ripping a child away from their family. If a child has 1 of 2 of the parents that want that child there should be no question that the parent raise that child. Mom sold her daughter and at age 4 after bonding with her father and sister this child was ripped away to satisfy some infertile couple. The adopters paraded her through the media now want the peace. They still have open charges in their sate against the father to insure he will never be able to be close to her. The child will never have a normal life because she will always be closely guarded. She was the prize to these infertiles. She is paying because they wanted her more and felt they were entitled more and had the connections to make sure they got her.


  4. Deborah A. Wolf
    Sep 22, 2014 @ 01:57:26

    My heart breaks every day for Ronnie. She was sold by a mother who didn’t want to raise a child or pay more child support, and torn away at four years old from her loving family. The capobiancos are a pair of rotten apples who have wrecked a little girl’s childhood so they can play house. When she turns eighteen and returns home, I hope they feel the heartbreak they have caused, many times over.


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