Hypocrisy as Tall as the Sky

Or subtitled the woman who wants to make her image from diagnosing children that she has never met.

Enter Dr. Bonnie Cleaveland, BS in Psychology and PHd not in Psychology but in Philosophy.   Even scarier?   She’s a “specialist” in anxiety disorders.    This according to her linked in page – https://www.linkedin.com/pub/bonnie-cleaveland/a/520/b14

So how does a Charleston, SC become an advocate for children?   She produces a blog called “Tall as The Sky” dedicated only to dissing both the Veronica case and the Sonya case for their handling of transitions.   In both cases, she ignores the fact that the so called adoptive parents did not follow a plan.

Let’s start by this – the Sonya case.  

The transition plan by DCS has already been WELL ESTABLISHED, the only people who frankly deny that there was a transition are the Hodgins – every other person in this case from DCS to Judge Jackson to the McCauls have agreed that there was a plan for Sonya’s gradual reunification with her family – in fact Judge Jackson reminded them in open court this week that there she was NEVER AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION.   In fact, the restraining order is dated August 31, 2012, the one where the Hodgins restrained DCS from removing Sonya because they were NOT FOLLOWING the transition plan.    

So what is the judge supposed to do when this is occurring?   Just let them keep flaunting the law and then claim “but we’re the only family she knows” or just have to make the difficult and traumatic decision to say that enough is ENOUGH. 

Yes, obviously transition is best but if one set of parents are not cooperating with it, then what is supposed to happen?    

On Veronica – 

There was REALLY no excuse for this transition on the part of the Capobiancos – they knew that this was coming, they had known of the possibility for quite a bit of time that Veronica was to go to her father.

So the question is what did they do about it?   IF they truly cared about the child, even if they thought they would keep her, they were claiming an “open adoption” so why didn’t they invite Dusten Brown to visit his daughter and to get to know her?   No, there was no court order, but as a so called Developmental Specialist she SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER.

Why is there no blame on these so called adoptive parents?   And why is there never considered trauma for removing a child from her biological family?

So here’s a rundown on child trauma according to Bonnie Cleaveland as proven by her insertion into two cases and her letters for both Sonya and Veronica.

At birth it is not too traumatic to remove a child from her family (Veronica removed from her mother)

However at four months it is (Veronica removed from Capobiancos)

It does seem that one year old is the sweet spot where you can remove a child from a family without trauma (Sonya’s removal from HER father)

And at two years old it is (Veronica removed from Capobiancos) – and her picture should be spread all over the media to prove it.

Meanwhile at four years old removing a child from the only family she remembers is not traumatic at all, in fact it is encouraged and to be celebrated (Veronica from her father Dusten Brown)

At nine and a half, it is so traumatic that it is like a death in the family, it should be publicized, her picture should be put everywhere and her private foster care records should be placed on TV.   OH and NATIONAL fundraisers with her picture all over them are fine and to be supported.   Meanwhile a small local fundraiser to help a ten year old’s father pay for legal fees is met with this comment.   

(All of this of course is without meeting the child at all)


This does of course show what she doesn’t know.    Attorneys are EXPENSIVE – if this had just been a normal dependency case then it wouldn’t be an issue as DCS is cooperative to reunification.    This is NOT a normal dependency case however, this is a case where legal strangers are fighting a fit father for his child for no reason other than they think that they will be better parents.   

Other differences, no celebrities, no pictures of his daughter posted, just a small local pancake breakfast to help with the legal fees to keep his daughter where she belongs.

And no national publicity either – unlike the GoFundMe produced by the Hodgins or the fundraiser with the cast of Nashville and the Silent Auction.

It reminds me of a nasty facebook site entitled “KeepVeronicaHome” which is set up for keeping Veronica with the Capobiancos – and their yelling about ONE FUNDRAISER- as opposed to the DOZENS set up by the Capobiancos.   One fundraiser set up by a friend of Dusten Brown’s.

Does anyone see a pattern yet?   

These people sicken me.    So many that are supporting making children orphans in the name of Christ.   

So advocating for children or Hypocrisy as Tall as the Sky?


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  1. Kay Springsteen
    Aug 30, 2014 @ 15:54:11

    Worst of all, they make them orphans on paper only. No family deemed fit and capable should EVER have to fight legal strangers for their own child.


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