Tennessee DCS and Privacy Part 2

Tennessee DCS Client Rights Publication contains this nice gem which is going to start my rant for the day.

Confidentiality TN DCS

Also from the National Association of Social Workers comes this.


So why is this important?

Because once again, there is a massive breach with a foster child brewing in Tennessee.

Not heeding the last message from Tennessee DCS, the Hodgins have once again, pulled an unwilling ten year old child and her family into the spotlight.

But this time?   Let’s double the issues!

One of Sonya’s First Caseworkers Speaks Out

First off, the Hodgins come out looking like a rose with her commentary but the McCaul’s don’t come out looking badly really.   She speaks of the “instant” bond with Sonya and the Hodgins but doesn’t say whether or not John McCaul is a fit parent.   She mentioned that some of the biological family seemed “detached” and “no presents”.

So now in order to be a perfect parent/grandparent presents have to be involved?   

She does ask the question I’m still waiting for the answer for though, “How did she end up in Tennessee in the first place?”

Yes, we know she was taken and not returned by her babysitter, and even the news outlets are now saying it.

But why did she stay there?   WHY were the Hodgins given kinship when there is obviously none?

But let’s go into the more important stuff.

1.   WHY is a social worker breaching confidentiality like that?   Why does she think that it’s a proper thing to discuss an ongoing case with the media in DIRECT contradiction to National Association of Social Workers Ethics codes?

2. Why isn’t Tennessee DCS doing a darn thing about it?   Why haven’t they shut down this very obvious violation of privacy?


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