And Now Troy Dunn?

If we didn’t already have proof that history was repeating itself from the Veronica case to the Sonya case, we have more.

Troy Dunn is going on The View tomorrow to speak about the “injustice” done to Sonya by sending her back to the biological family that she now wants to stay with.

The “disturbing” message to adoptive families?   The courts can overturn your adoption if it is ruled to be fraudulent in any way.

Troy didn’t learn at all, not from the failing reviews of his book “The F Word” or the fact that his show, APB was cancelled after one season.   (probably due to the adoptee community, his former bread and butter being very upset over the Veronica case)

Do you want to find someone to help find a birth family?  Start at this site.   Find My Birth Family does not charge and will help send you to “Search Angels” in your area who won’t charge for helping to find your birth family!   This unlike Troy Dunn who charges for his service.

Please go to The View on Facebook and tell them what you think of the fact that they are bringing Troy Dunn to their show and further publicizing a foster child’s case.

So far the only link tying all of this together is TRIO SOLUTIONS and Miss Jessica Munday, we’ll know for sure when Brad Caricofe starts posting HIS script tomorrow.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mary SassySauce Provance
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 17:08:12

    Gee who would a thunk they would do this crap again? *rolls eyes* Seriously, is this any different than what they did to Dusten Brown and his daughter Veronica? Not a whit!


  2. bluehydranga
    Jul 16, 2014 @ 00:53:40

    Many years ago, Troy Dunn sold his soul for the cold hard cash rolling in from his morality narratives and plays on TV. Finally, the public may be trending wise to his false witness by way of his shows on TV, within his books, and best encapsulated via his public action of brazenly stalking an innocent Cherokee child whilst she was enjoying a summer day with her fellow preschool classmates on her protected tribal territory. Talk about embarrassing ungodly gall and know that Troy Dunn weeps it from his every pore.


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