Lori Alvino McGill – A “Rising Star” Falling Rapidly

Standing Our Ground for Children posted a story yesterday – Another Foster Care Case where the foster family is claiming that they have more rights than a child’s natural family.

This case also involves ICWA, the Indian Child Welfare Act, a law designed to protect native families from illegal adoptions and from being ripped away from their homes and cultures.      Under ICWA, a child deemed an “Indian Child”, namely “any unmarried person who is under age eighteen and is either (a) a member of an Indian tribe or (b) is eligible for membership in an Indian tribe and is the biological child of a member of an Indian tribe” (25 U.S.C. § 1903) is required to have relative placement status automatically and should be placed with native foster parents if that is unavailable.   Only after these things are ruled out should they be left with a white family.

National Indian Child Welfare Association’s FAQ – is here for more information.

Similar to Sonya’s case, these parents are trying to adopt without DCS consent.    The father has been trying to get his child back even after a stint in jail.   Also similar to Sonya’s case there has never been an issue with the father.    In fact, people leave him glowing reviews about his parenting skills.

But due to the fact that he had no family in the area, California did not follow the preferred placement portion of ICWA.       Social Services kept adding more and more requirements until he had enough and requested that his child be sent to Utah under ICWA’s preferred placement.

Done and DONE.   Or it should’ve been.    The child should be raised in his/her own culture with his/her relatives.

And now we bring in another name familiar to another unethical adoption case, Lori Alvino McGill.   The attorney appointed for Christina Maldonado.    She is considered a “shining star” among DC Attorneys and frankly is the most unprofessional of “shining stars” that I think I’ve seen on social media in a long time.

Among other things one night, she spent a lot of time on the Standing Our Ground site telling all of the supporters of Dusten Brown about what horrible scum they were supporting.

In addition, she called Veronica and her sister illegitimate spawn on these late night possibly drunken postings.


Lifting the Veil Blogpost – has another gem of a quote in here, showing what interest McGill acts in, “ICWA tells a single unmarried woman who wishes to choose adoptive parents for her unborn child—a choice that would be respected under her State’s laws—that she must either terminate her pregnancy, raise the child herself, or surrender her child to a Tribe that is a total stranger to her and to the unborn child.”  (this incidentally is debunked, read the article, it’s very informative about ICWA and Indian heritage.)

Also from the Baby Veronica era, McGill decided that she was going to contact bloggers in a very unprofessional manner to get them to change their mind.

Incidentally, this is because more and more people were standing against the Capobianco’s and Christina Maldonado.   In fact, the last story from The Today Show where the Capobianco family was crying for the cameras, the majority of the comments were AGAINST rather than for the Capobiancos, proving that this was not just about ICWA but about father’s rights as well.



Keep in mind, she claimed to speak for Christina Maldonado AND for Veronica’s best interest.   And she spends her late night time slamming Dusten on Facebook and spreading more lies.   (Back to Brad Caricofe on that one)

Two of those screenshots are posted here.


The current rumor is that she was totally drunk while doing it.

The foster parents in this Choctaw case?

They are Christian, or at least they claim to be – they go to http://www.gracechurch.org/ with an active adoption focus.
So why are they deliberately working to make a child fatherless in the name of caring for the fatherless?   Why are they actively working on keeping this child from his or her family?

And why are they pairing with an attorney with a history of lying and unprofessional behavior to get what she wants?

More questions that I will hopefully push more later.


Foster Parenting and Privacy of Children

DCS Statement


This was posted yesterday on Tennessee DCS website.   I’ll pull out the caliber of replies momentarily, one in particular I’ll call out by name.

Why hasn’t Tennessee stepped in already?   Why is this child being deliberately lied about in the media and the state who is supposed to be protecting her privacy and keeping her safe is going ahead and seemingly ignoring it.

The Hodgins are detrimental to Sonya – her GAL has already said so.    Sonya has stated through the GAL that she doesn’t want to go back and a good deal of that is because the Hodgins have done this to her.

I haven’t been able to watch the View segment yesterday.   Troy Dunn makes me nauseous.

What’s worse are all these people saying they are speaking for this child and yet they are dragging her name and her family’s name through dirt.   Calling the father who loves her the most horrible names and claiming it’s all truth and all right.   There are so many things that may have started as truth but has become a general rumor weed.    (Veggie Tales reference for those who don’t know it)

Today on twitter I found this beautiful gem.

MelanieBoswell 7-16

Now there are a few problems here – the least of which is that her timeline is so screwed up its not even funny.       (the typos I can almost forgive)   But read about the Tweet, Share, Social Network…

This is a CHILD.   A TEN YEAR OLD CHILD who has had a rough time, from all accounts she is now coping and even thriving in her new environment, but she’s not going to be allowed to just let stay where she is.    And the justifications?   They are horrible.   Releasing information about a foster child like this is at the very least a misdemeanor and at most a felony.   Ironic isn’t it?   They are yelling about John McCaul being a felon while they are committing a felony themselves.

Most disturbingly is a so called child psychologist that they are allowing to speak for them, much as the Capobiancos allowed her to speak for them.   Bonnie Cleaveland has been all over social media about this case, and while I initially thought she meant well, she too is exhibiting the classic “The ends justify the means” mentality with this little clip on the Tennessee DCS Facebook page.



This is a child psychologist, a mental health professional and she is trying to cover for a set of foster parents committing GROSS violations of foster care rules.   No matter the facts, she over and over again has argued that even if a child was obtained under questionable circumstances they should remain with that family for their own good.

No one blames the Hodgins.   When it came out that Sonya’s teacher had asked about how she was due to the media spotlight (Anderson Cooper 360) there was an outcry against the teacher, despite the fact that THEIR MEDIA SPOTLIGHT is the one that put this situation where it was.

Other fun clips that are hereby saved for the internet as long as it lasts.

Munday BS

Jessica Munday showing her usual PR spin on facts.   She can be refiled on for defamation.  I hope that happens sooner rather than later.


Then just a classic ends justify the means post.

It reminds me of a small child caught with their hand in the cookie jar that they are not supposed to be in.   They get caught and now they’re telling the reasons why what they are doing is right.

Isaiah 5:20 – God’s Word Translation:   How horrible it will be for those who call evil good and good evil, who turn darkness into light and light into darkness, who turn what is bitter into something sweet and what is sweet into something bitter.

I guarantee, at least in my church, that if John McCaul left his testimony at a church then everyone would be excited, clapping and applauding and thanking God that he had turned his life around and gotten his beloved daughter back.

And yet so called Christians are pulling this GARBAGE.   I’m beyond furious at this.  Hopefully Tennessee DCS will step in and do the right thing and put everyone under a gag order.

And that goes double for Jessica Munday and Brad Caricofe who posted THIS on Facebook yesterday.


I figured he’d be coming back.     And frankly he seems to be bragging he’s above the law.

I’m sick of it.   They have no morals and no ethics, this has been proven time and time again.

A Christian isn’t this.   It isn’t any of this.   I don’t know if Brad C or Jessica M claim to be Christians but many involved in this case do.

So I ask you this?   What Would Jesus Do?   Would he create an orphan for selfish reasons?

I don’t think so.

And Now Troy Dunn?

If we didn’t already have proof that history was repeating itself from the Veronica case to the Sonya case, we have more.

Troy Dunn is going on The View tomorrow to speak about the “injustice” done to Sonya by sending her back to the biological family that she now wants to stay with.

The “disturbing” message to adoptive families?   The courts can overturn your adoption if it is ruled to be fraudulent in any way.

Troy didn’t learn at all, not from the failing reviews of his book “The F Word” or the fact that his show, APB was cancelled after one season.   (probably due to the adoptee community, his former bread and butter being very upset over the Veronica case)

Do you want to find someone to help find a birth family?  Start at this site.   Find My Birth Family does not charge and will help send you to “Search Angels” in your area who won’t charge for helping to find your birth family!   This unlike Troy Dunn who charges for his service.

Please go to The View on Facebook and tell them what you think of the fact that they are bringing Troy Dunn to their show and further publicizing a foster child’s case.

So far the only link tying all of this together is TRIO SOLUTIONS and Miss Jessica Munday, we’ll know for sure when Brad Caricofe starts posting HIS script tomorrow.

The Sonya McCaul Case: Dispelling the Lies

Let’s get this straight first thing.   In a foster-to-adopt scenario, the state is the one who legally brings up termination of parental rights, it is a very specific due process that legally the state must go through.    Reunification is always the goal and there are specific steps in that process.

Also, family is supposed to have first priority for placement.   The first priority for placement should NOT be strangers.

So let’s go there, shall we?   Sonya McCaul was returned to her biological father in January of 2014, admittedly very abruptly with no transition period whatsoever.     Then came the words over the internet, a  “Bring Sonya Home” facebook page and a cry that “our adopted daughter was taken from us and put back into the home of a career criminal!”  (Start noticing a wording pattern here?   Yep, you will through all of this)

The truth was, the adoption was voided in 2009, voided as if it never happened because the termination of parental rights or TPR was ruled to be illegal and without due process you cannot terminate someone’s parental rights.    Plain and simple, that’s how it is.

Further study is a full case of what NOT to do for any Christian wanting to truly take care of a widow or orphan – because this case is all about making a child fatherless in the name of what many would consider Christianity.

In a nutshell, reading between the lines of unbiased (NOT Anderson Cooper 360) news reports, things go like this.

Sonya McCaul Timeline:


2005:   Sonya McCaul taken to Tennessee by caregiver Jennifer Gunn.

1.  One month later father contacted authorities, was informed if he entered the state he would be arrested for abandonment.

2.  Jennifer Gunn’s husband AND Phyllis McCaul went to pick up child.  Jennifer Gunn had left child with her mother who refused to send her home, calling it a “messed up situation.”  (No allegations of abuse or neglect)

3.  Oct 5, 2005 – Joy Gunn named as caregiver to Sonya as a ward of the state.

1.  April 3, 2006:   Joy Gunn had falling out with Kim Hodgin who had been providing care for the child.    Kim Hodgin (NOT a liscensed foster parent) ended up with custody of the child.
2.   July 2006:   Hodgins filed to terminate John McCaul’s parental rights, against DCS wishes.

3.  August 2006:  Phyllis McCaul’s home approved to take her granddaughter home to Nebraska.    Files motion to intervene in case.  DCS prepares to send child to Nebraska.

4.  John McCaul indicted on Federal firearms charges, sentenced to 15 years.

October 27, 2007:   John McCaul’s sentence reduced to 7 ½ years

2008:  Hodgins won TPR filing, adopted Sonya.   John McCaul appealed.
2009:  Tennessee Court of Appeals ruled that John McCaul’s parental rights should not have been terminated.   Adoption annulled.   Hodgins were kept as foster parents.

May 2012:   McCaul released from prison.  Hodgins agree to a slow transition to let Sonya know her father.     Process breaks down within three months with CPS testifying that the Hodgins were “uncooperative” with the transition.

August 31, 2012:   The Hodgins file a restraining order against DCS – DCS were getting ready to move Sonya because the Hodgins were not cooperating with the transition period for reunification that was laid out.

January 29, 2014:   Judge fed up with the breakdown of transition period sends Sonya home with her father.

The phone call on Anderson Cooper 360 (A man who is no friend to the ethical adoption community) was found by DCS to be coached by – THE HODGINS!      They recorded it and saved it to start the process to “Bring Sonya Home” thus DCS cut off contact between Sonya and her former foster parents.

Lie number 1, still being spread almost six months later:   That Sonya’s father cut off contact with the foster parents.

Nope, DCS did.    Because of the coached phone call and the fact that they are putting this innocent almost ten year old child through the media despite the contract with DCS to not put a foster child’s pictures in public.

So let’s start breaking this down, yes, John McCaul has a criminal history.    His indictment on weapons charges was simply for being in the same car as an unholstered gun.   Not even his own.   Why?   Because he had two felonies from when he was 19 or 20.   It’s been over TWENTY YEARS since his last real crime.    In addition, there have never ever been any allegations of abuse or neglect – he was Sonya’s custodial parent.    His only crime in this case seems to be overtrusting his best friend’s wife – who for whatever reason STILL hasn’t been charged with kidnapping, though it is still a possibility – there is no statute of limitations on kidnapping.   Or on fraud as the case may be.    The child was not allowed to go back to Nebraska (despite Grandma being sent for her) because Joy Gunn just said that she “wasn’t sending the child back to that situation.”

Omaha World Article on Sonya

Second issue here was that the Hodgins were never registered foster parents.   They had been caregivers for Joy Gunn and then reported HER home as unstable and somehow managed to get relative status.   THEN in 2006 they decided to apply to adopt Sonya – NOT by waiting through the normal legal processes but by going the private adoption route.   This was at the same time that DCS was preparing to send Sonya back to her Grandma who had been approved to take care of her granddaughter.   In fact, her mother had not fought the TPR because she was told that Phyllis was taking the child.

The first attempt to terminate McCaul’s parental rights was in 2006 – they alleged abandonment, but the judge in 2008 also tacked on the prison sentence.    They allowed the adoption in 2008.

Now take a moment and go back.   McCaul’s prison sentence was reduced in 2007 – which means that they did not inform the judge about the change in circumstances.    Irregardless, in 2009, the adoption was overturned, the judge ruled that McCaul had NOT abandoned his daughter and the Hodgins were well aware of this.

They tried the same stunt with Chancery court THREE MORE TIMES.    Their attempts are a troubling attempt at setting legal precedent.   If a foster parent wants to just go around parental due process then according to the Hodgins they should be able to do so.

In May 2012, when John McCaul was released from prison, he immediately started to push to get his daughter back.   The one that should’ve been with Grandma all this time.   The one that missed knowing her maternal grandmother because the Hodgins wouldn’t give Sonya up.     The Hodgins agreed to a transition process but court documents make it very obvious that this was not working out.

Meanwhile this tidbit is still posted on the page of Bring Sonya Home.

Part of the Q&A about the transition period.

Part of the Q&A about the transition period.

If this is true, then why did the Hodgins file a restraining order against DCS moving the child in AUGUST 2012.  Why does everyone say that the Hodgins were noncompliant except the Hodgins?  To me, that restraining order says more than anything else about the situation, that compliance to them was not an option.

In January, a juvenile court judge FINALLY got over their games and pulled her away from her home.

Then the chaos truly began.    First, the aforementioned Jessica Munday got involved and Brad Caricofe built a website for them.    She is still speaking for them, but as of right now, has not started a foundation about foster children.

Did they hire her or did she volunteer?

Did they hire her or did she volunteer?

No, they did not hire Trio, for whatever reason they put themselves in the big fat middle of this, using the same tactics that seemed to work for them during the Veronica case.  The website even seems to be using the same form as Save Veronica Rose’s website.   In addition, the list of trolls came out of hiding and called for this father’s head on the proverbial platter.

There are even two sets of blogs that seem to have the same purpose, finding anyone with the same last name as either McCaul or Brown and attributing anything done wrong to these men.

This despite the fact that the Hodgins have been proven to lie time and time again – literally any time they are caught in a lie, these people justify it as being in the best interest of the child.  And McCaul is lower than low for not being the bigger person and giving up his daughter.   In addition, the blog that they keep posting every chance that they get is nothing but a bunch of legal documents picked and chosen for maximum shock value.

At this point, the Hodgins have once more decided to file to terminate John McCaul’s parental rights.    While she is in her father’s home and while she is still in DCS legal custody and without DCS consent – DCS says that the Hodgins are “detrimental” to Sonya at this point after the media frenzy.   Their lawyer has said the TPR should stand on the original sentence, not on what John McCaul’s actual sentence was.

This should scare any parent.   Someone could decide that they are a better parent than you are and just try to take your kids.    This is not something that should stand period.

So should a Christian support the Hodgins?

I would argue that they should not.   The half truths supported by the Hodgins and so called Christian Jessica Munday are not honoring to Christ at all.   Lying, spreading false witness, covetousness, aren’t those all covered under the ten commandments?   The money they are raising is going to nothing, please send it to another charity if you want to give to someone.

If You Have to Use a PR firm to Adopt a Child, Perhaps You Should Rethink This Adoption

I promised I would go more into depth with the “Baby Veronica” case.    This case is RIFE with ethical violations and the Christian Adoption movement (supported by Miss Lisa Morris, racist and supporter of lies) just blindly supported it.   Perhaps they think that the ICWA is a racist law.   Perhaps they just want more babies.   Perhaps it’s a more sinister possibility of cultural assimilation and colonialism.

Or it can be any mix of the grouping.   Who knows.    The fact remains, no Christian should enter a private adoption without the consent of BOTH birth parents and to make sure this occurs.   Of course as Matt and Melanie Capobianco are atheists it’s probably a moot point – their morals have already proven to be lacking.

Enter as well Jessica Munday.    Jessica Munday is the head of Trio Solutions, a PR company that is becoming almost a swear word to any who are fighting for ethical adoption reform.     Beyond the Veronica case, she has also involved herself in the Sonya McCaul case (Foster case that I WILL go into later), the Baby Dee case and POSSIBLY the Baby Elle case (the similarities in the PR are stunning but no proof as of yet).    All of the above are unethical adoptions and the latter three involve foster children that she seems to have no trouble posting all over the internet, completely destroying their privacy.

When Matt and Melanie Capobianco lost the fight originally to keep “their” “adopted from birth” daughter,   (Not adopted at birth, in fact, taken from Oklahoma without the proper documentation and without the consent of the birth father) they did not spend the time offering to host Dusten in their home to let him get to know his daughter.   They did not spend the time with her, but instead they brought in reporters to cover the handover, making the moments that were difficult much more chaotic.

Enter Jessica Munday, founder of Trio Solutions in South Carolina.    Munday, among other things, does PR work for MST, Multisystemic Therapy, where one of the “bonding therapists” is oh, look, Melanie Duncan aka Melanie Capobianco.    They are great friends and Jessica Munday decided to help with the PR to “Save Veronica Rose”.

Jessica Munday quickly became the one calling in favors, working on publicity for the case completely free of charge.   Her webmaster Brad Cariacofe then responded by helping to put up the “Save Veronica Rose”  “fact” site.

I use the term “Facts” in a very loose fashion because while some of her facts may have started as the truth, they did not stay that way.

Included in these facts are tidbits that Dusten Brown was at one point very behind on child support.   The facts?   He was only due to the fact that the child support is not assessed until AFTER the divorce decree is filed in Oklahoma – so basically when the judge decrees how MUCH child support is to be paid, you are already behind.    The facts also were that Dusten Brown’s ex wife had nothing but good things to say about her former husband as a father.

The fact that Veronica had been abandoned?   Also found to not be true – there was no contact between Dusten and his (by this point ex) finacee but it was because SHE stopped answering phone and cutting off contact.   

And the infamous text?   Oh yeah, disallowed in the South Carolina supreme court because the context had conveniently disappeared.   You got three texts that were the parts of the conversation that left Miss Christina Maldonado a woman abandoned and Dusten Brown looking like trash.    The three texts were only Dusten’s replies to something Maldonado had said.   Incidentally several courts considered her testimony “not credible,” but of course, with the help of Jessica Munday and Trio she came out smelling like a perfect rose.

Not content with this, Munday, along with the aforementioned Lisa Morris and Johnston Moore of “Home Forever” decided to found the “Coalition for the Protection of Indian Children and Families” an organization that has no discernable purpose whatsoever besides looking good.    Why does Lisa Morris need to be on another board?   And why did Mark Fiddler renew their non profit status this year when nothing has been on their Twitter since September and nothing on their Facebook since JANUARY.   It’s very suspicious.

Then we’re going to add to this mix Brad Caricofe.    Listed at Facebook as being employed at “Advanced Web,” he is the technology brains behind the structure of both Save Veronica Rose and Bring Sonya Home (the Sonya McCaul case is also one to be discussed in more detail later).    He also has a side job, of regurgitating the party line over and over.   In discussions, he never answers a single question and in fact he adds stories on to fuzzy the mix.   Such as starting rumors that Dusten Brown (spelled DUSTIN BROWN, a common enough name) had two other children he was in arrears for child support for.    His mission seemed to be only to sully the waters by finding various Dustin Browns in Oklahoma and using whatever dirt he found on them.   Fact checking was just not something that he did.   In my opinion Dusten Brown has more than enough to sue these people for defamation of character.

Bring Sonya Home and Save Veronica Rose have nearly identical structures and Brad C has been known to do work for Trio and this has been widely admitted by Jessica Munday on several occasions over social media.

So how did these two from South Carolina (Munday) and from Virginia (Caricofe) get involved in a case from Tennessee?   My only theory is that they found out that an illegal adoption can be overturned and they are now covering their butts, even bringing in the old gang.   (The letter for Sonya has many of the SAME SIGNATURES as a similar letter for Veronica written when she was 2, including one Melanie Duncan aka Melanie Capobianco, now officially admitting that she probably harmed the child she claims to love)   

I have no answers there, but they are using the same PR tactics.   One can only hope that this time the people pushing for truth get it across.   

TRUTH is the foundation of all ethical behavior, all Christian behavior.   And it is what we should support and act with at all times.