You Will Know Them By Their Fruits: Why I Don’t Believe the CAICW is a Christian Organization

Matthew 7:15-20

The Message (MSG)

15-20 “Be wary of false preachers who smile a lot, dripping with practiced sincerity. Chances are they are out to rip you off some way or other. Don’t be impressed with charisma; look for character. Who preachers are is the main thing, not what they say. A genuine leader will never exploit your emotions or your pocketbook.

First off, I have to say that I’m mainly a King James Version type of author, but sometimes The Message puts it in such a fantastic perspective that I can’t help using it.

The Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare, a title that sounds so innocent, so helpful doesn’t it?   Then you start looking and it seems more and more like Colonialism redressed in modern Christian concepts.   Either way, maybe someone just being totally misled.    Then I read more and more and realized this was an organization that is a cult of one person.    And as I watched the performance in the Veronica Brown Capobianco case, I was more and more appalled at what is being done in the name of Christ.

In order to qualify as producing the fruits of a Christian organization, the following things SHOULD be happening in my opinion and based on my understanding of the Christian life in general:

1.   Total honesty, as in doing the honest truthful thing at all times.   Being honest about what you are doing and not trying to find ways around the law to achieve your goals.
2.   Backing integerity at all times, which means that no matter what the cause is, you need to make sure that there is total honesty always in place.
3.  Financial transparency, people have a right to know what is happening with the money that they have contributed.

It really seems such a simple concept but the CAICW has in so many ways totally ignored this concept and in no ways more emphatically than in the Veronica Brown-Capobianco case.

The first part though, is NOT part of the Veronica case but my problem with the organization in general.

The CAICW is technically classified as an educational group.    They are not supposed to as a non profit be lobbying for political change.    Yet, they do.

Oh wait, they don’t really according to them, they host a series of “teach-ins” in multiple offices of politicians to “educate” them about the harm of the Indian Child Welfare Act aka ICWA.    If you’re going to lobby for change, I don’t care, it is your right as a citizen.   But abusing your nonprofit status to do so?   It’s dishonest.

Backing integrity at all times.     This has become very very blatant that this was a problem during the Veronica Brown-Capobianco case.   I won’t go all the way into the ethics concerns on this case right now, as I will on a later post, but I will touch on some points.

1.   From the beginning at minimum, the ethics in this case were questionable.   A mother that didn’t tell the father of the child (who was on lockdown preparing for deployment) that she was going to adopt the child out.    He said she cut off contact, she said she didn’t.    Because of the dishonesty in this case, I’m actually more inclined to believe him.   The infamous text message?   Not allowed in South Carolina Supreme Court case because the phone conveniently disappeared giving no context.

Beyond those facts, the query to the Cherokee nation about Dusten Brown’s status with the wrong name and birth date?     Do you really want me to believe a woman who had been dating this man on and off since the age of 16 didn’t know his proper name and birth date?

Yeah I don’t believe it either.

2.  After the Capobiancos finally were ordered to send Veronica back to the father who had been fighting for her since he knew of the adoption, (she was four months old when this started and around two when they had to hand her back) Trio Media became involved.

Who is Trio Media you ask?   Well, Trio Media had worked extensively with the offices that Melanie Duncan Capobianco works for.    They decided Pro-Bono to do work to “Save Veronica Rose.”    What they were saving her from, no one actually ever spoke of.      They decided to use a series of half truths to bring public support to their side, pulling in a high end marketing campaign.

When the lies and the half truths became very evident, the CAICW should have backed away.   They are after all, a CHRISTIAN organization, so dishonesty should have no place within this equation.

Nope.   Lisa Morris (aka Beth Ward) decided to go ahead and co-found a group called The Coalition for the Protection of Indian Children and Families with Jessica Munday of Trio Media.

Dishonest media campaign with an adoption case that was based on ethically questionable circumstances.    And Lisa Morris put herself in the big fat middle of it.   She still calls the forced adoption of Veronica to people who were by then strangers to her – claiming it a victory and in the best interest of the child.

I will go more into the ethics of the Veronica case in later posts.

As far as financial transparency goes however, that is the problem, there is none.     There is no record of where the money from all the multiple “Save Veronica Rose” campaigns went.    Tons of fundraisers in Charleston where unwitting people who did not know the facts of the case but the money which according to all was being shifted through the organization has no record for anyone to see.    In fact, according to Charity Navigator they are not required to fill out a full IRS 990, which makes their books a bit more open.   Last year they came up a bit over $500 short of the $50,000 mark to which they would have to fill out a full 990 form and then the watchdog groups would be checking them a little bit more closely.   No transparency there at all.

So do I consider the CAICW to be a Christian organization in anything but name?   No.    Their fruits only show dishonesty and corruption.